The world is constantly changing, your wealth strategy should too

Tailored solutions for professionals and executives

Success is hard to define—except when it comes to wealth management. Our specialists are here to help prepare your assets for events that may impact the future. That means you can keep doing what you do best and enjoy your achievements.

Investment management 

You know what it means be at the top of your game. When it comes to your wealth, you need a specialist who understands how to help keep you there. Work with Scotia Wealth Management to develop, execute, and monitor a tailored and disciplined investment portfolio.

Borrowing to invest strategies

As a professional, you know a good thing when you see it, so you know borrowing to invest can be a wise strategic move. Partnering with the right specialist can ensure all your unique long-term investment objectives and tax circumstances are considered and you’re making the best of your opportunities.

Hands-on management of time-sensitive transactions 

The convenience of a single point of contact with our Private Banking team can make all the difference to your schedule. Coordinate your personal banking needs anytime, anywhere through our attentive and discreet service.

Estate planning, administration, and trust management

A lot of people rely on you – likely some of them are your family. With estate and tax laws becoming increasingly complicated, working with our Scotia Wealth Management specialists ensures your needs are met and your loved ones are taken care of.

Family transition planning

Securing financial sustainability to ensure your family’s well-being now, and in the future, can be seamless with the right partnership and insights. Our Total Wealth approach involves exploring business and family continuity, contingency, financial security, and legacy goals.

Philanthropic advisory services

Create a legacy from your success and help support the causes you care most about. Establish a charitable foundation and give back to those following in your footsteps. Our Scotia Wealth Management specialists are here to help you integrate your philanthropy into your Total Wealth plan.

Insurance to protect your family and finances 

Protect your wealth and your family from the risk of financial loss and find the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for serious illness, disability, or an untimely death.

Optimize your wealth by minimizing, deferring, or offsetting your tax liability

The positive impact insurance can have on a portfolio inspires many of our clients to consider it as an alternative to other forms of investment. Build your estate plan with consideration paid to tax implications and with a view to preserving as much of your wealth as possible.

Scotia iTRADE iClub

We always strive to go above and beyond for our clients. That's why we introduced the Scotia iTRADE iClub. With two levels of membership, our most highly engaged investors enjoy an array of complimentary benefits, valuable services and exclusive privileges.

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