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Sophisticated simplicity  

We recognize that your wealth story is uniquely yours. How you manage its complexities to achieve your financial goals is something we care about as much as you do. At Private Banking we offer strategic borrowing solutions, customized banking support and a leading-edge concierge and travel management service.

Our services

With your dedicated Private Banker and support team we are ready to ensure your needs are considered with care and tailored to your preferences. And, along with the expertise of our experienced credit specialists, we can ensure your customized line of credit is in place so you can act quickly and easily to maximize your opportunities, without unnecessary trade-offs.

  • You will be assigned your own dedicated Private Banker and support team
  • Access to strategic financing through our Total Wealth Credit Solution™
  • Access to information on our borrowing to invest strategies
  • Pursuits™: our concierge and travel management service1
  • Hands-on management of time-sensitive transactions in coordination with your other advisors
  • Access to a range of exclusive banking benefits2  to complement your everyday banking needs, including:
    • Preferred foreign exchange rates3
    • Annual fee waivers on the following Scotiabank credit cards4: ScotiaGold Passport® Visa*, Scotia Momentum® Visa Infinite*, Scotiabank Passport® Visa Infinite*, Scotiabank® U.S. Dollar Visa* and Scotiabank® Gold American Express®*®†5

Credit that fits your lifestyle

You may have discovered an exceptional investment property and time is of the essence. Or perhaps you’ve identified a strategic opportunity to invest in a private company or publicly traded securities. Private Banking is designed to offer you the credit and liquidity you need, when you need it, unhindered by inopportune timing related to selling other assets, investment maturities or compensation.

Borrowing can be strategic and opportunistic 

Some affluent investors borrow to invest as part of a comprehensive wealth management strategy. They use a customized line of credit to create liquidity against various wealth holdings, allowing them to act quickly to take advantage of opportunities.

Borrowing to invest is not for everyone and suitability is paramount as it can add risk. Any investment strategy should be discussed with your investment and tax advisors and should take into account your long-term and personal circumstances.

Learn more about our Total Wealth Credit Solution

Concierge at its finest 

Pursuits™ is our leading-edge concierge and travel management service offered exclusively to Private Banking clients as part of its service offering. Pursuits™ will curate travel, dining and entertainment experiences based on your unique preferences and profile.

  • The ultimate in travel: from offering expert advice should you choose to travel, to planning your dream vacation.
  • Delicious dining: arranging delivery from top-rated local restaurants or securing you a booking at some of the best tables wherever you are in the world.5
  • Privileged access: from epic gigs and award-winning theatre to prime-time seats in international stadiums, when it comes to securing spots at unmissable events, Pursuits can arrange it.5

Pursuits™ is powered by Ten Lifestyle Group plc, a concierge provider with over 20 global offices and available to you 365/24/7, wherever you are in the world. Book online or for more detailed itineraries, with personal assistance from a Lifestyle Manager.

For what you treasure most, Pursuits™ makes it happen just as you’d imagined.

Learn more about what Pursuits™ can do for you

Borrowing can be strategic 

Lending for investment purposes (also known as leveraged investing) is a core competency of our Private Banking teams:

  • We combine our knowledge of wealth management, transactional banking and valuation to provide lending guidance customized to your situation and your unique assets.
  • We will work in coordination with your tax and investment advisors to help you avoid unnecessary trade-offs when raising capital for acquiring new assets.
  • We can discuss ways to mitigate the risks associated with borrowing to invest.

The Private Banking advantage 

As a Private Banking client, you benefit from our Total Wealth Credit Solution™, which gives you uncomplicated access to credit.

Traditional banks are often siloed around financing solutions for different wealth asset classes, making credit complicated and inefficient with multiple loans and relationship managers.  With Scotia Wealth Management, your Private Banker can set up a loan that allows you to borrow against a combination of asset classes, all in one place with a single investment line of credit and, importantly, a single point of contact.

Our process 

Along with the expertise of an experienced credit strategist, our Total Wealth Credit Solution™ gives you uncomplicated access to credit and the ability to take advantage of investment opportunities in securities, real estate, insurance or other assets.

An innovative and flexible borrowing platform, it takes many of your wealth holdings into consideration.

We can discuss how our Total Wealth Credit Solution™ can help you take advantage of current or potential opportunities.






Income property

Hobby farm



Investment counsel

Direct investing

3rd party managed


Whole life

Universal life





Art collection




% of asset values based on assessment of volatility and liquidity and client overall cash flow


One loan

Dedicated relationship manager

Collateral diversification may reduce borrowing risk

Interest only options available


Borrowing to invest* is not for everyone and suitability is paramount as it can add risk. Any investment strategy should be discussed with your investment and tax advisors and should take into account your long-term and personal circumstances.

What Pursuits™ can do for you 

When it comes to planning your own time—whether it’s a special vacation, a dinner out with friends or attending an event—it has to be right. With Pursuits™, we’ve set the standards of service high. Attention to detail is a priority and we go beyond what’s expected whenever we can. As seasoned world travelers themselves, our Lifestyle Managers add tremendous value with their expertise and insightful knowledge of specific locales and cities around the world.

Learn more about what Pursuits can do for you with this video

Saving you time and effort 

Pursuits allows you to indulge your passions, saving you time and effort so that you can spend more quality time with family and friends. Whether you choose to browse the platform and make your own decisions or talk to a Lifestyle Manager, Pursuits offers increasingly customized experiences, built from your ever-expanding personalized profile.

Elevate your travel experience 

As experts in international travel and all the intricacies that go with it, you can rely on Pursuits to advise you when, where and how you can travel safely. When the time is right, let the Lifestyle Manager look after the flight and hotel bookings for the entire trip no matter where it originates or how many stops you choose to make along the way. The Lifestyle Manager is delighted to make hard-to-get restaurant reservations, recommend hidden gems and things to do in every place you plan to visit.

Life-enriching events 

The Lifestyle Manager pulls out all the stops when it comes to getting you in front of the action. From epic gigs and award-winning theatre to prime-time seats in international stadiums, when it comes to securing spots at unmissable events, Pursuits has your back. Get exclusive access to priority events; skip the booking drama. We’d love to curate the ultimate fan experience for you and yours.

Delicious dining, wherever you are 

Whether they’re Michelin-starred or hidden gems, top restaurants often serve up sensational food alongside substantial waiting lists – which is where we come in. What kind of thing can we do? It could be securing you a booking at the best table (often with just 24 hours’ notice), ordering a complimentary glass of Champagne or perhaps even arranging a private kitchen tour with the chef5. Feeling creative? We’ll do everything we can to make a bespoke request happen.

Life is for living 

Every Lifestyle Manager’s goal is to do their very best for you—to curate a positive experience and deliver a well-organized itinerary—often with extra perks. Our special relationships with hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants around the world, along with competitively priced airfare, has made the most of many a trip or adventure.

With Pursuits, you’re in control. You can streamline your life to suit you, designing a well-balanced way of living. Spend more of your time doing what you love, and less time doing what you don’t.

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