Total Wealth Credit SolutionTM

Borrowing can be strategic 

Some affluent investors borrow to invest as part of a comprehensive wealth management strategy. Just as businesses use credit to grow shareholder wealth, the same rationale and benefits may apply to personal wealth, which is why some choose to borrow to invest. They use a customized line of credit to create liquidity against various wealth holdings allowing them to act quickly on investment opportunities.

A Private Banker is a credit strategist with experience in debt structuring and will work with your investment and tax advisors to help you avoid unnecessary trade-offs when raising capital for acquiring new assets, while discussing ways to mitigate the risks associated with borrowing to invest.

The Private Banking advantage 

As a Private Banking client, you benefit from our unique Total Wealth Credit Solution™, which gives you uncomplicated access to credit.

Traditional banks are often siloed around financing solutions for different wealth asset classes, making credit complicated and inefficient with multiple loans and relationship managers.  Your Private Banker can set up a loan that allows you to borrow against a combination of asset classes, all in one place with a single investment line of credit and, importantly, a single point of contact.

Our process 

Your Private Banker combines their knowledge of wealth management, transactional banking and valuation to provide lending guidance customized to your situation and your unique assets.

Our Total Wealth Credit Solution™ allows you to capitalize on investment opportunities in securities, real estate, insurance or other investments.  An innovative and flexible borrowing platform, it takes many of your wealth holdings into consideration so you can unlock value in your assets, while avoiding unnecessary trade-offs.

Wealth asset classes
Real estate Investment portfolios Life insurance policies Luxury



Income property

Hobby farm


Investment counsel

Direct investing

3rd party managed

Whole life

Universal life



Art collection

Asset valuation
Appraisal Market value Cash Surrender Value (CSV) Appraisal

Collateral lending value*

% Of asset values based on assessment of volatility and liquidity and client overall cash flow

*   Loan limit up to combined collateral lending value

Borrowing to invest is not for everyone and suitability is paramount as it can add risk.

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