Create something that can live forever: your legacy

We can help you give your legacy the care it deserves

A meaningful legacy is built on more than just wealth. It’s shaped by your values, passion, and wisdom, nurtured with care. It can have a lasting impact on the world and the people whom you care most about. Whether it's through strategic philanthropy, or safeguarding your wealth for the next generation, ensuring your legacy reflects your values and vision is a critical part of wealth planning.  

For over 100 years, Scotiatrust has helped Canadians transition their wealth and create their legacy. We work with you to understand your achievements and help you connect them to your ambitions, so your wealth serves its intended purpose, and your wishes are honoured in your lifetime and beyond. We also help you make important decisions sooner and ensure they’re followed when you’re unable to do so yourself.

Estate planning is more than just a Will

While a Will is the foundation of your estate plan, other considerations can include Powers of Attorney, beneficiary designations, trusts, asset ownership, and executor selection. Together with your team of specialists, Scotiatrust provides personalized solutions, tailored to fit your goals, and designed to evolve across all your life stages and financial events.

As part of Scotia Wealth Management, your legacy is integrated into your Total Wealth Plan, so that all aspects work together cohesively. Whether it’s protecting the financial well being of your family, providing executor, attorney, and trustee services, or helping to enable your philanthropic aspirations, we’re here to support you throughout your journey and help you make the meaningful impact you envision.

Ultimately, our purpose is to help you live well and leave well. 

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