For well over 100 years, Scotiatrust has helped Canadian families preserve and transfer their wealth.  

Scotiatrust offers a full range of specialized services that are tailored to meet your personal objectives and designed to evolve across a variety of life stages and financial events. These services include:

  • Estate and legacy planning 
  • Estate and trust services 
  • Philanthropic advisory
  • Custody services
  • Escrow services
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Specifically, we have the expertise to: 

  • Be a fiduciary that you can appoint as a professional Executor, Attorney for Property, or Trustee
  • Provide assistance if you have been appointed as an Executor, Attorney for Property, or Trustee
  • Act as an independent, third-party Trustee to minimize family stress and mitigate potential conflicts
  • Devise philanthropic solutions to support your charitable and legacy goals
  • Set up an escrow arrangement to help reduce the risk for all parties involved 
  • Help investors and institutions consolidate and safeguard their assets

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