Estate and trust services

Whether you're an Executor for a loved one’s estate, or planning your own estate, we can help. 

We offer a full range of estate and trust services to meet your needs.

Estate services 

Settling your estate can be complex, with many stressful administrative tasks for your Executor to handle. These tasks include but are not limited to distributing your assets, obtaining probate where required, securing estate assets and obtaining valuations, and paying any final tax bills. 

With estate and tax laws becoming increasingly complicated, there are benefits to appointing a professional Executor who possesses the knowledge, skills and expertise to manage estates of all sizes and complexities. By appointing Scotiatrust as Executor and/or Trustee of your estate, you are helping to ensure the desires that you’ve expressed in your Will and trusts are carried out with sensitivity, professionalism, and objectivity. 

Scotiatrust may be your best choice for Executor if you have a complicated family situation, own a business or other complex assets, want to establish ongoing trusts or wish to ease the burden on your loved ones.

Estate Assist®  

Estate Assist is a service we provide to help Executors fulfil their role. Although it’s considered an honour to be appointed Executor by a family member or close friend, it’s also a highly demanding and time-consuming responsibility.

Learn more about Estate Assist with this video.

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Our Estate Assist service can be invaluable to Executors who are: 

  • Uncertain about what the role entails,
  • Face certain time or distance challenges, 
  • Are concerned about personal liability, or 
  • Are mindful of the potential for beneficiary-related issues. 

Personal Office® 

Personal Office provides an invaluable service for Trustees and Attorneys seeking assistance in discharging their many duties and responsibilities. This service offers you or your personal representative an impartial, total solution—securely and efficiently helping you manage the administration of your financial affairs, or those of a loved one.

Our specialized services are designed to ensure routine finances are kept secure, efficiently managed and in good order. You provide us with direction and we streamline the responsibilities, from administrative tasks to income collection and investment management.

Trust services 

Trusts are a useful estate planning tool that you may create at any time to serve a wide variety of purposes. Some common goals of a trust are to provide protection, asset management and security for your loved ones. They allow for the legal transfer of assets to a Trustee, who will then hold the asset on behalf of your designated beneficiary until they’re ready to receive it (e.g., when they become an adult). The two common types of trusts are living trusts (also known as inter vivos trusts) and testamentary trusts. Living trusts take effect during your lifetime, while testamentary trusts are created in your Will and take effect at your death.

A trust is often an effective way to provide income for yourself and future generations, while reducing taxes, costs and delays when it comes to distributing assets to your beneficiaries.

Administering a trust can be complicated and time-consuming, and may lead to family disagreements or discord. It may be prudent to consider appointing a professional Trustee or Co-Trustee, such as Scotiatrust, as an unbiased and experienced third party to help you navigate the complexities of trust administration.

Whether you’re establishing a trust for yourself or have been named a Trustee, our expertise in all aspects of trust management can help protect the beneficiaries’ interests while acting in accordance with your wishes.

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