A Wealth of Recognition

We are honoured to have received six awards from the 2024 Euromoney Global Private Banking Awards

Scotia Wealth Management is a team of local and global experts who provide integrated advice to plan and advance your projects for each stage of your life - your family, your business, and your future. It is your vision, combined with our experience and international backing, to build global solutions for managing your wealth.

We service

Individuals, families and institutional investors with complex wealth management needs who prefer to work with a collaborative team of professionals with international expertise delivering holistic Total Wealth solutions. 

International Investment Advisory

The International Investment Advisory team provides top-ranked investment advisory services to multi-jurisdictional clients to help plan, preserve and transfer their wealth.


Our investment approach starts by understanding your needs, values, financial goals, and preferred participation level to map out a thorough personalized investment strategy. Helping you achieve your financial milestones, balancing your current financial needs and long-term goals.

International Private Banking

International Private Banking offers sophisticated and competitive lending solutions, safe and profitable deposit alternatives, as well as other banking services leveraging Scotiabank's cross-border capabilities. 

Wealth Structuring and Trust

The future arrives two ways: slowly, then all at once.


Holding personal and business assets internationally means you need to plan carefully to achieve your financial and estate goals in the most flexible and efficient manner. Our wealth structuring services provide families with customized solutions addressing their unique financial needs.

Where We Are

We help clients across North America, the Caribbean and Latin America achieve their financial goals.