Private Investment Counsel

1832 Asset Management L.P.

Together, we can drive meaningful outcomes

As part of a full-service investment management firm, we deliver relevant solutions and tailored service for clients looking to delegate day-to-day investment decisions to an experienced team with a disciplined investment philosophy. 

This dedicated team collaborates with our Scotia Wealth Management specialists, who bring their expertise and skills to the consideration of what you’ve accumulated – and how best to administer it as life changes.  

At Private Investment Counsel, we take the time to get to know you, so the real issues and complexities of your wealth are understood, prioritized and planned for in a robust and holistic manner. We take into account the full spectrum of your needs – personal, family and business.

The client experience 

Your journey with Private Investment Counsel begins with one key step: we get to know you. Because who you are defines what we do, your relationship manager will lead you through a holistic discovery process to discern and define your vision for your life and the goals you’d like to accomplish through prudent wealth management strategies.

From there, you, your relationship manager and our  team of investment professionals will work together to evaluate, implement and monitor robust investment strategies structured around your goals. This process is continuous so that any life changes and reprioritization of goals are appropriately integrated into your investment plan.

Our clients expect and value high standards of service, and are open-minded to possibilities. They challenge us and are willing to be challenged through engaging and thought-provoking conversations to help uncover their wealth-related needs.

We pride ourselves on getting you to your goals sooner and add real value by:

1 - Discovery

  • identifying goals that reflect your life and your story.
  • talking less and listening more.
  • prioritizing your goals and those of your partner/spouse’s.

2  - Strategy

  •  consulting broadly with an experienced investment team, 1832 Asset Management L.P., and Scotia Wealth Management team of specialists.

3 - Guidance

  • solving creatively to find better options.
  • presenting firm recommendations which outline steps required for success.

4  - Execution

  • taking ownership of your plan and getting things done.
  • tracking progress to achieve your goals.
  • keeping you informed.

5 - Rediscovery

  • revisiting the changes in your life annually and as events unfold.
  • giving you back the time to do the things you want to do.

Your portfolio should be a source of comfort to you, not concern

Our clients take comfort in our disciplined approach geared towards effectively managing the most unforeseen of challenges that may inevitably surface. Our efforts are agile, responsible, resilient and reliable, to help ensure any challenges are resolved.

We implement with confidence. We employ extensive rigour around our investment analysis and research. Our process is efficient, driven by in-house expertise in asset management strategy, portfolio construction and execution – managed with the insight and guidance of your local team. We believe you should see proof of the value you receive.

Is Private Investment Counsel right for you? 

Choosing your wealth advisor is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. We believe the advisor you choose matters even more than the investments you hold, and that a cohesive team of specialists can help drive meaningful outcomes.

We are held to the highest fiduciary standards in the industry and are regulated by provincial securities commissions.

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