Consider everything before recommending anything.

For nearly 100 years, we’ve built a reputation for outstanding service and trusted advice. And we’ve done it one client at a time.

From our roots as a trusted source of investment advice, ScotiaMcLeod has grown into a full-service brokerage firm, offering a team of experienced investment professionals. Together we are dedicated to client service excellence – by offering informed investment advice and creative solutions. We favour exploring innovative approaches to achieving the protection and growth of your assets. ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Advisors have the knowledge and flexibility to offer customized solutions for your wealth management needs.

Your Wealth Advisor will work with you to determine the right investment strategies to help you invest your hard-earned wealth today and for the future. It starts with learning all they can about your financial situation – your current profile, needs, concerns, risk tolerance, tax situation, time horizon, liquidity and return objectives.

With a focus on your goals for long-term success, assessing the universe of investment options to find the ones we believe are right for your needs, you will ultimately receive a well-considered plan that is based on specific recommendations that connect your financial goals to your strategy. Once implemented, ongoing monitoring of your portfolio’s progress enables your Wealth Advisor to adapt it as your life and goals evolve.

Depending on your life stage and financial goals, we can discuss the merits of a wide variety of investment accounts and plans. These include Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs), Individual Pension Plans (IPPs), Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs), and Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs).

How you built your wealth yesterday may be different from how you need to manage and safeguard it for tomorrow. Your ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Advisor will work carefully with you to determine which types of investments meet your needs, your ambitions and your risk tolerance, from fixed income and equities, to mutual funds and ETFs. ScotiaMcLeod also offers a strong level of expertise in Gold and Precious Metals.

ScotiaMcLeod’s comprehensive suite of fee-based programs proactively addresses your unique situation and the level of active involvement you wish to take in helping manage your investments.

If you wish to delegate some, or all of the day-to-day investment management decisions to have more time and freedom to focus on your family, career or other important pursuits, you and your Wealth Advisor may choose to participate in one of our Moderate Involvement Programs.

Moderate Involvement Programs allow you to delegate investment management and trading decisions and include:

The Managed Portfolio Program – A discretionary program offers you a personally customized investment portfolio managed by an advisor with specific portfolio management credentials. With this investment insight, your Portfolio Manager will complete a personalized Investment Policy Statement that clearly outlines the investment objectives of your portfolio. A single account management fee covers investment management, monitoring, custody and trading costs.

The Summit Program – Assets are managed on a discretionary basis, featuring highly skilled external money managers managing a wide variety of investment mandates. Each money manager is selected and monitored by Northern Trust Asset Management, a leading investment management consultant. A single account management fee covers investment management, ongoing due diligence and monitoring of the money managers and the investment mandates, custody, trading costs and detailed reporting.

ScotiaMcLeod Investment Portfolios – Assets are managed on a discretionary basis by 1832 Asset Management L.P., an affiliate of Scotiabank. With 1832 Asset Management L.P., you benefit from experienced investment management with deeply rooted and rigorous risk management and compliance infrastructure. One all-inclusive fee covers investment management, ongoing due-diligence and monitoring, custody and trading costs, and is calculated as a percentage of your portfolio’s total assets.

The Pinnacle Program – A family of Scotia Private Pool Funds managed by leading names in institutional and pension fund management. Each money manager is selected and monitored by Northern Trust Global Asset Management, a leading investment management consultant. Fees are charged based upon amount and type of assets in the account.

The Pinnacle Portfolios – A family of fund-of-fund portfolios that invests in units of underlying Pinnacle Program Funds, which provides multi-level diversification in a single investment solution. The underlying money managers are selected and monitored by Northern Trust Global Asset Management, a leading investment management consultant. Regular rebalancing is a key feature of the Pinnacle Portfolios. Please refer to the Funds’ simplified prospectus for fee information.

If you would prefer to participate in the day-to-day investment decision-making process while receiving research, insights and ongoing advice from a ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Advisor, the following programs could suit your needs:

Partnership Plus – A non-discretionary fee-based program geared towards clients who value the services of an advisor, but want to remain involved in the day-to-day investment decision-making process. This program is best suited for clients who rely predominantly on their advisor for advice. A quarterly fee covers consultation and advice, a limited number of trades commensurate with account size, and annual RRSP administrative costs.

i:Partner – A non-discretionary fee-based program designed for clients who value the ongoing advice and guidance of an advisor, but want to be more actively involved in the day-to-day investment decisions of their account. This program combines the features of a full-service and online brokerage account into one fee-based account that offers the flexibility of a full suite of online services.

Meet with a ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Advisor to develop an investment portfolio designed to manage risk and meet your financial goals.