Total Wealth Planning

Success never happens by accident.

You didn’t get where you are today without planning. With Scotia Wealth Management, Total Wealth Planning will play a pivotal role in helping ensure your continued financial success.

Total Wealth Planning is more than just helping you reach your goals and achieve your aspirations. Our mission is to do so in full collaboration with you, working diligently to understand the big picture. Equally important is understanding all the smaller moving parts within.

Our Total Wealth Planning process begins with helping you define and capture your life priorities. We focus on your immediate needs, goals for tomorrow and future aspirations. Think of it as a toolbox; we use all the tools necessary to produce a Total Wealth Plan that will guide your decisions as life changes.

Working together with our team of specialists, who offer fresh perspectives and discover new possibilities, your advisor will act as your financial partner, to create your Total Wealth Plan that will guide your financial decisions and evolve as life changes. Your Total Wealth Plan integrates all of our specialists’ strategies together in one place, with your priorities at the centre, showcasing the power of our unique team-based approach. It considers every facet of your life—now and in the future—resulting in a dynamic and cohesive roadmap that will help guide your life’s financial journey.

Our distinctive process of developing a Total Wealth Plan can fundamentally help you realize your dreams and achieve future success; however, you define it.



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Business transition planning

You may never make a more difficult, complex and bittersweet decision in your life than when the time comes to transition out of your business. Do you sell it? If so, to whom? Do you transfer ownership to outsiders, the employees, or a family member? What can you do, today, to build long-term equity for your business? What is the best way to structure the transaction? The possibilities and questions are many, and each of them will have a unique impact on your overall financial situation.

Our approach to business transition planning takes into account your personal and business specifics, and will be designed to reflect your overall wealth management strategy. From recognizing and reviewing your personal priorities to identifying a successor or buyer, Scotia Wealth Management professionals will work with you and your advisor to help you develop a transition plan that is smooth and advantageous.

Our specialists understand the challenges, issues and complex needs of business owners and affluent families, and are experienced in helping them manage this intricate process. We will offer guidance and assistance around continuity of business ownership, family dynamics, contingency plans, tax-efficient structures, integration of personal and business wealth, and legacy plans, all with the end-goal of you getting what you want out of the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Family transition planning

Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations — we work with the wealth builders to secure financial sustainability to ensure your family’s well-being now, and for generations to come. Financial sustainability starts with addressing each stakeholders’ wants and needs and creating financial, tax and estate planning for each stakeholder to ensure family harmony. When working with business owners, we help ensure that personal and business goals are aligned by examining the entire financial situation—including the interaction between family, business and ownership structures for today—and with a future transition in mind. Our holistic wealth management approach involves exploring business and family continuity, contingency, financial security and legacy goals. The result is a highly tailored comprehensive strategic roadmap that balances the needs and goals of family and business.

Creating substantial wealth is generally the result of sustained hard work. Insurance, as a fundamental part of your Total Wealth Plan, is a valuable tool that can help safeguard everything you have worked so hard for — your family, business and future.

And beyond that protection, insurance can do much more:

  • Optimize your wealth by minimizing, deferring or offsetting tax liabilities
  • Act as a tax-efficient investment vehicle leading to the creation of additional wealth for beneficiaries 
  • Address legacy planning concerns that are intensely personal

At Scotia Wealth Management, we believe insurance is a critical component of Total Wealth Planning, acting as a valuable tool for accumulating and preserving wealth for our clients, while also managing the risk of financial disasters. Although insurance may not always be top of mind, our team of Insurance Consultants can demonstrate how this unexpected option might allow you to manage your hard-earned wealth more effectively. It can play a critical role in the accumulation of durable wealth and have a profound impact on your family, business and ultimately, your legacy.

Contact your advisor today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals through a carefully thought-out plan.